Laboratorio Central Angeles: the first of its kind in Latin America

Due to Abbott's robotic GLP automation, highly complex analyses can be done on a daily basis.

With the capacity to run five million tests a year, a feature which allows it to process samples for the Angeles Hospitals in Mexico City and its surrounding area– the main objective of the Angeles Central Laboratory is to offer medical professionals and their patients a timely and accurate world-class diagnosis, so that they can choose the best treatment.

The intelligent system of what is the most modern laboratory in Mexico is composed of robotic arms, high-end equipment and an automated conveyor belt that in a few seconds takes patient samples to the assigned tests. This process has been carefully designed and is controlled at all times by specialists in clinical analysis. By cross-referencing information from databases, medical records, exhaustive analysis and medical guides, accurate results are obtained.

"We have the most modern technology: the GLP platform, unique in Mexico, which allows us to produce samples more efficiently."

                - Dr. Rafael Ochoa Auerbach, Corporate Director of Clinical Services, Hospital Angeles Health System.

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This automated technology allows your specialists to introduce the samples to the belt and verify that everything is working properly. This means that there is no human intervention during the process, ensuring the best possible results and reliable diagnoses. In addition, this system has the capacity to identify urgent samples, which generates greater efficiency in the daily operation.

Currently, the main areas included in the first stage of the laboratory are: clinical chemistry analysis, immunology analysis, coagulation analysis and some special immunofluorescence tests.

The objective is to perform medium and high specialty tests, as well as to cover other areas where technology allows the process automation.