Grupo Imagen

Mexican conglomerate of media companies.

With a large audience, it has become a benchmark for its news and entertainment content, which it makes available through media such as newspaper, radio, television, audio and digital platforms.

The company’s top-rated media portfolio entertains, informs and empowers with news, sports and entertainment.

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Digital entity made up of various platforms, using the strength of its websites, social network profiles and video channels. Under its wing, it houses the Actitud Fem, Salud 180, Cocina Delirante, RSVP, Adrenalina sites, among others; touching upon general interest themes for the public such as finances, sports, food and health. Generating quality content for all digital users, and seeking to make experiences that create a link with the more than 14 million unique users per month, and inviting them to generate a conversation.

With more than 100 years of being the most reliable news source, Excelsior newspaper has become a robust multiplatform network, exploring new and modern alternatives to always be up to date; presenting the most complete information about the country and its states, topics of general interest and a detailed monitoring of political events in a clear way, with news tables and analysis; it also has subsections specialized in general interest themes like tourism, entertainment, sports, economy, finances and more.

Tuned through its various FM radio stations throughout the country and on national public access television, on channel 3.4 and on all paid TV systems, as well as online broadcast through the Imagen Radio website, in the Imagen Radio Mobile APP and in the different traditional digital channels, with 36 million listeners per month, likewise, it has under its wing Radio Latina, the most important music station in the border zone of the country, and in Hermosillo Sonora, La Caliente, the most listened music station in its area.

One of the public access television networks in Mexico through 3.1, with National coverage and four content pillars: News, Fiction, Entertainment and Sports; distinguishing itself with a unique personality and language from other television chains. Present on the most important cable systems in Mexico and through the Internet on the Imagen Television website. With original national productions and broadcast of successful programs from around the world, reaching tens of millions of viewers each month.