About GEA

Mexican Group, solid and of considerable growth in Mexico and Latin America.

In 1986, Mr. Olegario Vázquez Raña acquires the Humana Hospital, now Hospital Angeles Health System and, consequently, in 1998, Lic. Olegario Vázquez Aldir legally establishes Grupo Empresarial Angeles (GEA), which he chairs to this day.

With the new millenium, Camino Real joins the ranks of GEA in the year 2000 and, in 2003 Grupo Imagen MultiMedia is acquired (now Grupo Imagen). In 2006, Multivalores is acquired, and that same year, the banking license is bestowed upon to turn into Multiva. Excelsior newspaper, a national journalism referent, joins GEA, also in 2006 and in 2011, Camino Real acquires the Quinta Real hotel chain, a Gran Clase concept for travelers that look for luxury and enjoy colonial destinations in the country. The next year, the Real Inn brand is launched searching to serve the business traveler sector.

The Group’s philosophy is sustained in four important pillars:

  1. Competing by delivering differentiated value-driven business propositions.
  2. Investing in industries which demand high levels of capital expenditure.
  3. Investing in high-growth potential businesses.
  4. By investing in talent, to achieve high financial performance.

Grupo Empresarial Angeles stands out for its discipline culture and ethics, creating strong and competitive work teams, aspiring always to more, with four values as standard:

  • Honesty
  • Work
  • Commitment
  • Innovation

Currently, GEA has become a solid corporate group in Mexico and Latin America, with a main focus in four sectors of the Mexican economy: Health, Tourism, Finance and Communication. For more than 25 years, it has worked to consolidate the stability and the commitment with its investors, with a clear long term vision for the continuous development of the businesses that comprise it, positioning them as leaders in their branches.

Actualmente, GEA se ha convertido en un Grupo Empresarial sólido y de gran crecimiento en México y Latinoamérica, con enfoque principal en cuatro sectores de la economía mexicana: salud, turismo, financiero y comunicación. Desde hace más de 25 años, ha trabajado por consolidar la estabilidad y el compromiso con sus inversionistas, con una clara visión a largo plazo para el continuo desarrollo de las empresas que lo conforman, posicionándolas como líderes en sus ramas.