Multiva steps into investing

Banco Multiva has a precise vision to be known for the quality of its projects.

Mexico has a broad market for Multiva to finance from infrastructure works, restructuring operations that add value to companies, financing to different states and even in the digital banking with services and products that are easy to access, which is why the financial group has set itself the goal, over the next five years, to focus on Mexican companies and government.

Tamara Caballero, director of Banco Multiva, assured that the group's team is good at structuring operations that add value to the client. In addition, they will take risks in operations that have to do with state and municipal governments, as well as with those of the federation and private payment sources.

Multiva has maintained a deep interest in investing in the country. In the first year in which they were integrated into investments– they placed 17 billion pesos, a figure that is expected to grow at a good pace in the coming years. Banco Multiva, in addition to being bankers, understand perfectly what is needed in the financial world; therefore, it is open to advise and provide valuable solutions, designing a portfolio that adapts to the needs of each of its clients, studying financial, political and economic trends to obtain the best results.

Multiva-2.jpg Foto: Shutterstock

The financial group has proven to be a safe space and, with its long trajectory in the market, maintains a solid institutional image to represent the entire country.